Album review – Union J

My track-by-track review of Union J’s debut self-titled album.

Carry You - the debut single from Union J; a feel-good number, perfect for dancing along to with your friends. It’s got a lovely meaning behind it, too, and really documents the band’s short time together. An unexpected choice for a first release from a boy band (usually it’s about a girl!) but nonetheless a great go-to track.

Beautiful Life - one of my favourites, great harmonies and a great message too. This was their second single and a brilliant up-tempo ballad (if that exists – this is the perfect example).

Loving You Is Easy - written by Jason Derulo, this track is pop cheese at it’s best. A very catchy and bouncy(?!) song, which definitely would get you dancing along. Favourite part would have to be the breakdown before the last chorus: “I think I’ve finally found the one / Here comes the change”.

Last Goodbye - a nice song, but just nice. One of the weaker songs on the album; I’m not a big fan of the overdone intro, but the lyrics are decent.

Beethoven - don’t be fooled by the title, this song definitely isn’t about the composer. The song is catchy, has a good beat and the harmonies are really strong. The lyrics are well… suggestive – but because they’re such a good looking set of lads, we don’t mind all that much.

Head in the Clouds - well, I think we know where the name of their tour Magazines and TV screens  came from.  A bubbly song, with a really good message – “There’s so much to worry about and that’s the reason why / I spend all my days with my head up in the clouds”. There’s also an acoustic version of this track on the deluxe album, which shows of the track in all its glory.

Where Are You Now - one of my favourites of the album, crafted by songwriting legend Steve Mac (who’s produced/written over 20 number 1 tracks!). There’s also an acoustic version of this on the deluxe album – which is definitely worth a download!

Save The Last Dance – this is the track on the album which makes me want to jump up and dance. We know the band love a good party – and what song would be better to get everyone up on the dance-floor. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this in a club in a few weeks.

Amaze Me - this song is that ballad on the album, the one that really shows off the bands’ talent. This would make a perfect first dance song at someone’s wedding and it’s full of great harmonies and really beautiful lyrics (“As we watch the years go by, feels like we’re still flying high / Baby you amaze me”).

Skyscraper – a cover of Demi Lovato’s track and the first song the band recorded together, as this would have been their winner’s single had they won X Factor. Nothing could beat the original – but this definitely gives a good go at it.

Tracks to download: Beautiful Life, Beethoven, Where Are You Now, Amaze Me.

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